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All about Katherine Burke

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Who knows?
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Writing, but mostly reading, art, the occasional sport
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[20:31:11] Liliana Sawyer : Demitri: I love you. Lili: Get me ice cream.
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Profile - Katherine Burke Tumblr_mag9i5qwig1qjpmnho9_250

Katherine Leigh Stare never had much to say. So it seemed, anyway. She was born on 3rd May. It was the day after the Battle Of Hogwarts all those years ago.

She grew up in a lonely town known as Ambleside in one of England's lake districts. She showed no sign of magic until she was 5 years old. It was in a local park, and her parents were not there to witness.

Profile - Katherine Burke Tumblr_m4e7xsj9j81ruvlopo1_500


Name:Katherine Stare
Age: 14
House: Servatuae
Appearance: Very small at only 4"8; slightly childlike face; almond-shaped eyes that change colour in the light and can so be anything between cyan and pale green (usually halfway between the two); very long, very messy bright ginger (think Habena orange) hair with the occasional natural yellowish streak; bitten nails, if they are painted it will be a shade of purple; very pale skin...
General Personality: I won't lie- it's hard to describe. A lot of people think they know Kat and don't look past the whole 'shy' thing. In reality, she's a very complicated character. She is very tomboyish and has been for years, but leans somewhat heavily on the emo side. She has multiple personalities, and so she can be anything from inexplicably happy to almost suicidal.

She owns the worlds most irritating- and quite violent- barn owl, called (unimaginatively) Barn-y.

Profile - Katherine Burke 20030215054249

She also has twelve rats named after the months of the year. Also unimaginative.
Katherine Burke
Katherine Burke
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