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All about Teresa Shade

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Valtor Academy Of Magic
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Profile - Teresa Shade Stn-te10

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Profile - Teresa Shade Stn-ba13
Full Name: Teresa Iris Shade
Gender: Female
Birth Date: September 9th
Portrayer: Sierra Kusterbeck
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Patronus: Wolverine

Profile - Teresa Shade Stn-pe13
Teresa doesn't take much notice to others, perhaps it's because she simply doesn't care. She's cold and distant, bitter and overall a very unpleasant form of company. Nevertheless, she's bold and independent, but will always fight for what's right to her. She's no coward, she knows when it's time to be brave. She's aware of her breaking point and therefore has set limitations on herself so that she doesn't snap. People may see her as rude and antisocial, but she's just protecting others and herself from her anger and what that anger can lead her to do. As for those she cares about, she has an odd approach to expressing emotion. If she loves you, it might seem like she's teasing you or picking at you, but inside of her mind she's building you back up after every taunt. With her enemies, it's different. She'll give you her piece on the situation and if you don't like her opinion, so be it.

Crowds do get to her, she was never really sure how to mingle or make small talk. Busy people and rushed conversations aren't exactly new to her, and she's intimidated by social interactions for a few reasons, the main one being her not being familiar with it and how to interact and react in those situations.

Profile - Teresa Shade Stn-ap13
Teresa's skin is stained with a permanent porcelain white color. No matter how hard she tries the girl simply can't tan. Teresa's lips are usually either naked or caked in a vibrant red color. Her scraggly hair is like the color of ink, occasionally highlighted with blonde, green, or blue streaks. Her eyebrows match in darkness. They're usually arched, their definition thrown at whoever she's looking at. Teresa's eyes are a light emerald with grey flecks mixed in. She stands at 5"2, weighing roughly 119 lbs. Her body is resting on the fine line between muscular and petite. Her muscles are apparent in her arms, stomach, and calves, though the girl is still rather thin.

Teresa is usually standing very loose, completely oblivious to the idea of good posture. She slouches, lays about, and hunches over whenever she pleases. Trying to get the girl to stand properly is nearly impossible. She's a pistol and won't let anyone control her or the movements and advances she makes. As for her attire, it's generally whatever is comfortable. Whether it be a baggy tee, a sweater, or a simply hoodie. Though there is the special occasion where she does dress up like a porcelain doll, clad from head to toe in lace and leather. She's often seen in earth tones, ranging from a soft brown to a forest green.
Teresa Shade
Teresa Shade
Rank: Sixth Year
Sixth Year
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