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All about Reina Firestar

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Reina Firestar is the second pureblood child of Haylen Firestar and Collin Grey. She is the older sister of Skylar Grey and the younger sister of Vivienne Firestar and Anthony Firestar(late). Before going to Valtor, both of her parents "died" leaving her homeless. She was taken in by the Relly family in Europe.

Full Name: Reina Evelyn Firestar (Grey)

Date Of Birth: February, 27

Gender: Female

House: Habena (Estimate)

Patronus: Cat

Favourite Colour: Kelly green.


Haylen Firestar: Haylen is Reina's late mother. She died from suicide a year or so before Reina was supposed to begin Valtor. She looked up to her mother before all Hell began to break loose but now Haylen is just a vague, awful memory.

Collin Grey: Collin is Reina's late father. He was murdered a few months before Haylen. Collin was Reyna's favourite person in the world. She looked to him for laughs and/or advise.

Anthony Firestar: Anthony is Reina's late older brother. He was killed in a fire a few weeks before Reina began Valtor. She looked up to Anthony as a father figure when she didn't have one. He was her rock. Now she just has a hard place.

Vivienne Firestar: Vivienne is Reina's older sister through adoption. Reina loves Vivienne but she doesn't think Vivienne cares about her. Vivienne is always sad and depressed nowadays and Reina doesn't know how to talk to her.

Skylar Firestar: Skylar and Reina are like two peas in a pod. She loves her younger sister and feels like Skylar is the only real family she has left. She doesn't want to lose her so she can be a bit overprotective of Skylar at times.

Reina Firestar
Reina Firestar
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Fourth Year
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