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All about May Van Acci

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[18:36:18] Robainas Burke : *storms out diva style*
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Describing May's life story was difficult, to say the least. As a baby she was seen as unsatisfactory and was so kicked out. Next thing she knew, she was in an orphanage. She hated it. Like, REALLY hated it.

Ever since, she's met her birth parents and knows most of her history. She doesn't like it, and tries to ignore who she is.

Hence the alcoholic thirteen year old.


May was tall for her age. Throughout her life, she had always been thought to be at least a year older than she really was. Despite her personality, she didn't look threatening in the slightest. Tall, mousy brown hair with a hint of red, and a sprinkle of freckles over her nose.

She's been said to be pretty without exactly being beautiful. That's the most of a compliment she's ever had, though.


You don't exactly wanna mess with May. She's more for revenge than anyone you'll ever meet, and if she doesn't do you worse than you did her, then she'll at least get even.

Don't get me wrong, she's not exactly a bad person. It's just that the fact that she has exactly zero friends starts to weigh her down at times.

She's impatient to say the least, and tries her hardest at everything she does (usually unnecessarily). May likes to think of herself brave, but maybe it was just a thirst to prove herself? Maybe.
May Van Acci
May Van Acci
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