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All about Clara Klien

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Valtor Academy of Magic, Klien Manor, The Ministry of Magic
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Student, Auror, Lumieres
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your mom
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Profile - Clara Klien Large

Clara Klien, Half-blood, Lumieres.

Daughter of Addison LionHeart and Jason Klien.

15 years old.

3 out of 4 living Klien children.

Wanting to be an Auror.

Doesn't do love or friends.

Is only after success.

Sometimes feels like she's the worst, but usually acts like she is the best.

Is into boxing, knife throwing, defence against the dark arts, and the dark arts.

Interned for the Death Eaters once.

Her siblings include Alexander, Esther, and Mason.

Profile - Clara Klien Large

"My name is Clara Kalila Katherine Klien. I think people are scared of me, but in reality they just don't like me. Yeah I know I don't know how I realized that on my own... It's hard to be the "middle child" I guess... I'm usually forgotten in the mess that is my family. Except if I make a scene, which is usually most of the time in my life. I can't help it! I like expressing my point of view it's what I do! I'll listen to what you have to say and take it into consideration. I will understand where you're coming from sort of, but honestly it's my way or the highway. Sorry not sorry. I really miss Alexander and Esther... Even though Alexander and I would constantly fight. Esther was my best friend because I had no one really, and she lost some of her friends too... So it SORT OF worked out in the end... Maybe this is me being dramatic (it runs in my family). I sometimes think I should be in Klieger, but in the end it doesn't suit me completely because I'm too curious. Some say I am an artist. An artist of what you may ask. Well, I am an artist of in the way of magic. What? Is that too 'self-center' yeah yeah I've heard it all before shush. People tell me I'm good out of pity or I'm actually good. I will say I'm not bad, but I know I'm not the VERY best even though that's what I strive for."

Profile - Clara Klien Large
Clara Klien
Clara Klien
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