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All about Rosie Varela

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[17:58:46] Millie Relly : wELL SORRY QUA BUT YOU'RE HOT
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"They made a statue of us
And it put it on a mountain top
Now tourists come and stare at us
Blow bubbles with their gum
Take photographs have fun, have fun

They'll name a city after us
And later say it's all our fault
Then they'll give us a talking to
Then they'll give us a talking to
Because they've got years of experience
We're living in a den of thieves
Rummaging for answers in the pages
We're living in a den of thieves
And it's contagious."

Regina Spektor - Us

Profile - Rosie Varela Tumblr_m8fd51B0E21rrzbz7

Full name: Rosie Celine Varela

Blood: Rosie is pureblooded, the daughter of Bennett and Ayana

Birthday: December 3

First Words in the Chatbox:
[17:58:43] Rosie Varela : This. Now this is weird.

Actual First Words: "Everything's going to be okay, Daddy."

Personality: Rosie's an extreme socialite, a bubbly heart from the moment she could speak. She can get caught up in having fun, causing her to become a bit oblivious, so her real weakness here is not being able to listen closely. She adores all her friends, and wouldn't harm a fly.
She's fairly smart.

Favorite food: Pizza. Like I said on Shane's profile- it's kinda a Varela obsession.

Favorite color: Red

Favorite outfit:

Prized possession:

Boggart: A masked figure, that of which is wielding a knife.

Patronus: Dolphin

Pet peeves/dislikes: She sees the good in everything, and is rarely annoyed. However, she gets a little saddened over losing the house cup.


-Ayana Varela: Her mother, who she'd trade almost anything to spend more time with. She was murdered before she truly knew her, and her only memories are blurry, faint images of her before her death. Rosie takes very much after her in appearance.
-Bennett Varela: Her father, who she hardly looks like at all, but acts like as if he taught her how to be. They would share the same view if given the same question, and they were the only ones there for each other after Ayana's death. They are very close.
-Shane Varela: Her brother, who she would die for if need be. She puts him before herself, and he does the same. The boy was near absolute silence when they first met, and she helped him come out of his shell a bit. They will have each other forever, from the beginning to the end.
-Alexander Klien: Her best friend. Her first friend, and forever the most important, even if she herself wouldn't ever choose favorites. The two are very comfortable around each other and joke around a lot.
-Esther Klien: The girl she'll but about Shane all the time. Rosie shamelessly ships Shane/Esther and is not afraid to poke at Esther about it.
-Millie Relly: Basically a blessing that arrived on the doorstep of Beauxbatons when times were at their loneliest. Joining together to get expelled was just the spark of a brand new grand friendship.
-Rigel Lestrange: One of her best friends before transferring, she cared for him very much and possibly fancied him, too. She's sad they fell out of connection, but she'd love to know him again.


Isobella Lestrange:Rosie loves Rigel.Rogel <3
Ben Hewitt: [23:02:16] Ben Hewitt : god said Adam and Eve not Rosie and Rigel

Profile - Rosie Varela Tumblr_m9fh14QqNM1rf0tqxo1_500Profile - Rosie Varela Tumblr_mc9x9iLE2A1rf0tqxo1_500Profile - Rosie Varela Tumblr_lvzw5qSkhg1qm6oc3o1_500Profile - Rosie Varela Tumblr_lkdlp9MZqg1qd1zzuo1_500Profile - Rosie Varela Tumblr_mbhcmcEe5s1rf0tqxo1_500

Rosie Varela
Rosie Varela
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