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All about Rigel Lestrange

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Aurèlie's Townhouse
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Heir to the Death Eater Empire
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Knock, knock. Who's there? Cornelius Fudge. Cornelius Fudge who? Well, I guess that's politics for you.
Background History :
Blood: Rigel Henry Lestrange is the adopted son of Capella Isobella Lestrange, the current ruler of the Death Eater empire. Rigel, in blood, is actually, Capella's second cousin once removed, but he and his twin sister, Saiph, have been with Capella since their birth, so they regard her as their mother.

Born: 9 September

Nicknames: Regal, Ridge, Rig, Bookworm...

Personality: Rigel is exceptionally smart for his age. He's a bit of a bookworm, making him a little on the quiet side. Whenever he likes someone, he's a bit shy around them at first. But, he warms up to people after that!
He's super protective of his sister, finding himself in the awkward position of being the 'male of the family.'


Capella: He is respectful of her and refers to her as 'mom' or 'mother.' He often scares her a bit because of his premature knowledge and ability to see through her, being one of the closest people to her because he is her son.

Saiph: He and Saiph get along alright. He may seem a bit passive at first, doing whatever Saiph says and agreeing with her, but he does have his own opinion about things, and at dire times, isn't afraid to tell her so (in which she usually will notice the change and do what he says).

Collin Cardew: Collin is Rigel's current father figure. Although Rigel always seems a bit suspicious of him at first, he warms up to him. When Collin comes into the family by marrying Isobella, Rigel opens up to Collin, and Collin becomes Rigel's true father.

Guards: Rigel is passive towards them and sometimes sitsand jokes with them, finding them just simply as his mother's co-workers.

About Rigel's Wand:

Vine wands are among the less common types, and their owners are nearly always those witches or wizards who seek a greater purpose, who have a vision beyond the ordinary and who frequently astound those who think they know them best.

Chimera Scale::
Although chimera scales are magically powerful, they are extremely rare in modern wandcraft. This is not out of any concern for safety, as they are generally considered no more stubborn than hippogriff feathers, and are more stable than Erumpent hide. The fact of the matter is that there are more recorded basilisk slayings in the past fifty years than there are chimera slayings in all of recorded history. This one slaying occurred in Greece over two millennia ago, so what scales were harvested at that time have been degraded, broken, and dispersed.
Today, they are only found as parts of heirloom cores, and even then, all such cores are a more common core (often dragon heartstring) with a tiny fragment of scale embedded. Chimera wands are most common in Greece and the Balkans, although as they were circulated through the Mediterranean and former Roman Empire they are found throughout Europe. These wands are prized for their raw power, although they are difficult to control.

Dragon Heartstring::
Dragon heartstring is a powerful wand with a lot of magical “heft”. It is not the core you want for subtlety, but for sheer power it is definitely the best. Although it is the most common core among Dark Wizards, Dark Wizards are most certainly not their most common users. Dragon heartstrings are by far the most common wand core amongst Slytherins, but their power often bonds to Gryffindors and Ravenclaws as well. However, they tend to overwhelm the archetypal Hufflepuff personality.

Rigel Lestrange
Rigel Lestrange
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