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All about Gracie Van Arden

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Valtor Academy of Magic
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Quidditch, Getting into Trouble, Singing (When she is alone), and Writing.
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Manipulation is a quiet tool of majestic power.
Background History :

Hair: Dark, chocolate brown, slightly curly

Eyes: Blue-green

Skin: Very fair

Portrayer: Elizabeth Gillies

Personality (more to come)::

Snarky, smart, outgoing, (but can keep to herself) sarcastic, daring, sometimes indifferent, a do-what-I-want temper (remind you of anyone?)

Gracie also has a close, but secretive friendship with her cousin, Isobella.

Amazing Friends: (Oh, my gosh! I would list every single awesomely epic thing about you guys if I could! Very Happy ) Isobella Lestrange, Addison LionHeart, Alys Serpentia, Autumn Malerby, Revela Taylor, Ella Lovegood, Hydrea Kyanos, Primrose Gaisford, Anna Linghigher, Liliana Sawyer, Katherine Stare

Gracie was accepted into Valtor Academy about three years ago. No wonder she ended up in Klieger, the sarcastic, snarky little witch. Her soul sister is Anna Linghigher...who is her almost absolute opposite.
She was surprised but interested when she found out she had been accepted to Valtor, and is a pure and total Klieger. She is competitive, sly, and cunning, as well as creative. She is half-blood, but doesn't like talking about her father, Kyle Van Arden, who was a Mudblood, while her mother, Aurora, was a pure-blood.

Later, Gracie found out she lived a false life. She was the daughter of Aurora and Rabastan Lestrange, cousin to Isobella.

"And you......" the man turned to Gracie, and slight sneer on his face. "I can tell you the truth about your family lines! Just listen close, Miss Van Arden, because I'll only tell you once."

He laughed uproariously, then began.

"Oh, it was a great cover story Aurora used, yes... but, marrying a Muggle-born! Oh, she was crafty, Aurora Black, and of course your father wasn't Kyle Van Arden at all, you idiodic girl!
He was a Lestrange, the two most powerful wizarding families there have been for centuries! Of course, the offspring of the two naturally made the Ministry on the edge, but they couldn't very well throw you into Azkaban, could they? Too afraid to lose their own miserable lives at the hands of a mere, on the outside, harmless girl. Oh, you can keep your measly cover name, but I know, and all the Dark Wizards on this face of the Earth know, who and what you are. Have fun choosing your own path, Miss Black.I couldn't really call you a Lestrange, could I? Everyone would get you and your cousin Isobella mixed up."

he hissed, and his lips curled into a humorless smile, as he looked at the shock-shelled girl.

Have fun....
his words whispered on the air.

"Crucio!" she shrieked, and as the man fell and screamed, so did she.

They don't speak much, her mum saying she had bad blood, and she secretly wondering whether this was the truth, but it was hidden under the inferno inside her that consumed rage. Gracie spent almost all of her time out of the house, away from her mother's snide taunts and her equally firey retorts... Gracie wants to earn back her mum's praise, and will try ever harder to get it back.

Unsure who to trust, if anyone at all, she keeps rather to herself, though still talking to Isobella but about normal things, not about her parents, no, their parents, Aurora Black and Rabastan Lestrange, though for Isobella, Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lestrange.

To everyone else, *at least, most everyone else, she is Gracie van Arden, her Muggle surname hiding her true identity, as with her cousin.

~ And as Dark Forces arise, Gracie will have to show, once and for all, whose side to which she belongs. Or die trying.

Then again. You don't know one fourth of all she's hidden.

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Gracie Van Arden
Gracie Van Arden
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