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All about Collin Cardew

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Emperor Consort
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*Collin Cardew is manlier than Jason Klien
Background History :
Blood: Collin Cardew comes from a long line of Gryffindor proud pure-blood blood traitors. Collin, however, was the first of his family to be sorted into Slytherin and the first ever to fall in love with (let alone befriend) a Death Eater.

Born: 25 February

Nicknames: Darling, Cardew, Cole...

Personality: Collin is always very excited, open, and humorous. It’s near impossible to stay by him for ten minutes without laughing. Another side of him that is not so prominent is how protective he is of his family. Collin never grew up in a proper family environment and will fight to the death to defend and protect his family.


Capella: To say the very least, Collin is infatuated with Capella. He finds her hard shell and cold personality a challenge and intriguing. He is the one person in the world who knows her best, not as the dragon lady others paint her to be, but as the kind and warm-hearted person she can be.

Saiph: Saiph was so excited to have Collin as a father, and Collin was thrilled to have her as a daughter. Saiph is Collin’s little princess and only daughter. From the moment he met the twins, he decided that he’d rather like to be a father. Saiph only backed up that feeling and helped him become part of the family.

Rigel: Rigel is Saiph’s twin, the ‘smart one,’ the quiet, polite one. Rigel was skeptical of Collin at first, given Collin’s dark past, but Rigel soon learns that Collin is a great father and role model.

Stephanie Cardew: Stephanie is Collin’s mother, a valiant member of the Auror agency and personal hunter of Death Eaters. When she found her son was married to the Empress, she did everything in her power to stop that. Soon after, she was able to see that Capella was not the monster everyone saw her as, and Stephanie was able to see her as the woman Collin knew. Finding out her whole life work was a lie, Stephanie sadly took her own life.

Charles Cardew: Charles is Collin’s deceased father, murdered by Death Eaters when Collin was just a boy. Because of this, his mother spent all of her time trying to track down the killers instead of paying attention to her son. Charles is an unknown hero. He worked at a desk job, calculating the percentages and outcomes of the future for an insurance company, but in his spare time, calculated the possible futures for the world. Charles was beyond exceptionally smart, just like his grandson Rigel. When he would not give the Death Eaters the formulas to succeed, they killed him.

About Collin's Wand:

Cedar is a rather docile wandwood with particular skill in protective spells. Cedar wand wielders often become potent Occlumens.

Hippogriffs are noble animals with a reputation for not taking a slight. These wands require constant respect, and if the wielder does not give it, they can watch its formerly stable and versatile magic backfire on it. It is not the strongest core, but it is one of the most adaptable. These wands are most common amongst Gryffindors, but they are rare overall.

Collin Cardew
Collin Cardew
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