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Welcome to the new Valtor year! Class or plot ideas? Send them to Peticross.

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All about Addison Klien

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Valtor Academy of Magic™
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Teacher of D.A.D.A, Sorter, and Head of Sterkeiders and Aurors
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[21:33:17] Bennett Varela : cat cat cat cat cat cat it's that time of month cat cat cat cat cat cat.... [21:02:44] Isobella Lestrange : I LIKE THE WAY YOU THINK.....[21:04:54] Isobella Lestrange : Iso: I'm getting a divorce. *glares at Collin*......[21:13:10] @ Jaxon Malerby : ill be rapunzelll [16:06:12] Isobella Lestrange : addi was right.... [18:41:07] Rhiannon Linden : ADDI YOU WICKED TEMPTRESS
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part 1
[21:31:36] Aqua Hills : butt

[20:40:25] Isobella Lestrange : I WANNA END THE DEATH EATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"You see some things that others don't. An interesting viewpoint, a new artistic style, a written novel. It isn't complete without you, Addi! Rewrite the history books with your name in them" ~Isobella Lestrange

Name: Addison Adele Spell Klien nee LionHeart

Blood: Pure Wand: 13 Inch Cherry Wood Core of Veela Hair

House: Sterkeiders

Age: 39

Year: [graduated]

[Portrayed By: Demi Lovato]

"You Would Live A Hero Because You Saved Lives." -Gracie Peticross

Family: Mother: Allison Zora LionHeart née Goulding
Father: Andrew Ronald LionHeart
Younger Brother: Larson Charm Andrew LionHeart
Younger Sister: Magnolia Grace Jinx LionHeart (Larson & Magnolia Are Twins---Larson Is Older Than Magnolia. But Both are younger than Addison by 3 years)

Jason Klien- Addison had quite an obsession with Jason in her 2nd and 3rd year. She loved him so much. It was awful.. It bothered every single person at one point or another, and it bothered Addison too, but she couldn't stop. In her fourth year she was able to.. catch be with him.. Ever since then they've been together. In Addison's 6th year she got impregnated with Jason's child. Young, and in love how stupid they were. Year continued on and they married.. very young, and have had many kids.
Alexander Klien- Addison's eldest son. Twin of Esther. Alex was the man of the house when Jason was in Azkaban.
Esther Klien- Twin of Alexander, and second/third oldest. Mummy's little girl. [more to be added]
Clara Klien-
Mason Klien
Aquarius Hills
Bennett Varela
Isobella Lestrange(Capella Cardew)
Ella Lovegood
Gracie Van Arden
Liliana Sawyer
Katherine Stare(Burke)
Anna Linghigher
Demitri Renove
Liam Ross
Adam Turow
Rory Anderson
Grace Peticross
Sydney Ruddle

Younger Years:
For a year she didn't go to school... (Addison use to go to Hogwarts....was a Gryffindor..left in her second year..). Anyway, she didn't go to school, UNTIL remembering... Her friends Ella Lovegood(Former Klieger-Now Pocombatie) & Isobella Lestrange(Klieger), went to school... in America. It was called Valtor Academy of Magic.

Addison there met many others like, Liliana Sawyer(Habena), Demitri Renove(Servatuae), Gracie Van Arden(Klieger), Anna Linghigher(Habena), Ashlee Vandora(Lumiéres), Adam Turrow (Pocombatie), Liam Ross(Klieger), Jason Klien(Sterkeiders,
Aquarius Hills(Sterkeiders), and Bennett Varela(Habena).

DRAMATIC FAMILY OF HOBO POSITION: Insane Mental "daughter" of Liliana Sawyer.#tbt

She had emotional problems. Sometime's mental break downs. She use to go into the dark forest, and just lay there. It doesn't sound too horrid, but it was. Addison screamed with anger and jealousy, has nervous breakdowns, and just starts crying.... She heard voices. They whispered, but mostly screamed. Addison tried to block the screaming, but when she did it only got worse.

Now: Addison is just trying to balance with everything going on. She doesn't even have it as bad as she thinks she does compared to other people. Yet, she does still have things happen is it over stresses her too much. [more to come].

part 2
[18:15:11] Aqua Hills : butts
Addison Klien
Addison Klien
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