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All about Annagramma Hawkeye

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Colors and people are all the same really, if you think about it. And if you're Annagramma Hawkeye!
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is important because sometimes, if you laugh hard enough, you won't cry. But if you laugh too hard, you might end up in tears anyway.
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Annagramma is one of eleven children and though her mother insists she is either number five or six in the line up, her grandmother calls her "the eighth". Anna isn't sure whose memory is more reliable. Her favorite siblings are her younger twin brothers Colby and Darren and her older sister Beatrice is the one she always goes to for advice. Together, they are A, B, C, and D, Hawkeye - as their mother has always called them in the interest of saving time (something you have to do if you are raising eleven children, four grandchildren, six dogs, three cats, assorted owls and rats and one very old grandmother).

Annagramma knew from a young age that getting anything new would be next to impossible so she changed her perspective on hand me down things as one often does when she can't do anything else. She could always make the old things new by adding colors, patterns, scribbles, sewing on brooches and such to her clothes, bags and the rest. She once tried to dye the tail of one of the cats pink and in memory still has a pink scar in the well of her left palm. The cat - rather unfairly in the witch's opinion - remains grey and indifferent to this day.

Annagramma was fully expecting to start her magical education down at the village school with Wizard Threehats and Miss D' Meenor like her siblings but one of her aunts conveniently decided to die and leave the fourth or fifth or sixth or eighth Hawkeye child some money for a proper education. In order to decide fairly which child would get the funds, Mrs. Hawkeye threw names into an old hat and now Annagramma is at Valtor Academy of Magic.

Despite the many domesticated animals at home, Annagramma decided against bringing a pet to school because the dogs were too attached to the younger Hawkeyes, the cats didn't care for her after that unfortunate pink dye incident and it would be plain silly to mess with the delicate balance of owls and rats in the house. She isn't lonely though, she always keeps a sketchpad and some crayons for company. She even knows a neat spell that turns her wand into a paint brush. Now if only she know how to make it paint in other colors, so far, she only has yellow and brown mastered - which can get very boring, especially if you want to paint things that don't include the sand and sun.
Annagramma Hawkeye
Annagramma Hawkeye
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