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All about Liliana Sawyer

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Chillin' wit Jesus
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Swimming in the lake, drawing, dancing, flying, pretty much anything but studying
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Old people at weddings always poke me and say 'your next'....so i started doing the same thing to them at funerals
Background History :
I live with my dad. He's a muggle. Mom was a witch though. So I'm a half-blood. Mom left a few years ago for unknown reasons but I don't mind. I believe she'll be back soon! But for now I have to go to school to learn magic! WHOO!! Let's go!!!
My favorite colors are green pink yellow orange and light blue! In that order. I like bright colors! But I also like black ^.^ I like Asian food and Korean and Japanese Music.

Profile - Liliana Sawyer PatronusFox

Name (last, first): Sawyer Liliana

Nickname(s): Lili

Age: (currently) 14

Gender: Female

Fear(s): Darkness, loneliness

Parent(s): Noah Li and Sophia Sawyer

Rival(s): Yurlya Witson

Enemies: (currently) None

Hair: platinum Blonde (I'm not a Malfoy, haha!) Usually in twintails.
Eyes: Greenish Hazel
http://25.media.tumblr.com/1f3403017e7cc6e5fb94074414cebb50/tumblr_mf6g6x3QUh1r0bykto1_500.jpg like this
Height: A bit on the short side.
Face: Usually smiling (^.^)
Clothes: Lolita, black, bright colors, or a combination of both.
Voice: A little high pitched. Something like this.
(Sorry, it's in Japanese! Haha!)
Father-Noah Li:
Laid back and easy going. Liliana's father is an extremely irresponsible parent, but cares deeply for his daughter. He is an alcoholic, but it's fine with Lili because she thinks drunks are funny.

Mother-Sophia Sawyer:
Little is known about Liliana's mother. Lili's father doesn't like to talk about her much. She left Liliana and Noah behind, and is still alive. No one currently knows her location. She is good friends with Yurlya's father.


Profile - Liliana Sawyer Red_fox_pup

Liliana Sawyer
Liliana Sawyer
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