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Welcome to the new Valtor year! Class or plotĀ ideas? Send them to Peticross.

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All about Alys Serpentia

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Valtor Academy!
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Student, Musical Theatre, Choir
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"You are what you eat, and you apparently didn't eat Klieger for breakfast!" - Aqua
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Profile - Alys Serpentia 00000017

Alys Serpentia is from a family of Slytherins. She hopes her years at Valtor will give her the same lessons as Hogwarts has to her parents. She's half Chinese and half Italian.

Her birth parents were from China and Italy, but they both took the trip to Hogwarts, met there, and had Alys in their last year of Hogwarts. That means she's a bastard child from her pure-blood father; Giovanni, and pure-blood birth mother. Alys knows nothing of her birth mother except that she was Chinese and probably moved to Hong Kong immediately after Alys was born. Giovanni moved from Italy to America with Alys and met a half-blood named Brenda, whom Giovanni later married. Alys isn't supposed to know anything about her past and is led to believe that she is a half-blood and that Brenda is her birth mother.

Alys knew she had to look up her past when she found her family's tree on a trip to Italy, and saw her father's name marked out of it, but her own name still on the tree-by itself-not connecting to anybody.

Edit: She has now met her birth mother. Her birth mother's name is Ying Shufeng and she is a Death Eater. Ying believes in having no emotions because emotions only bring you down. Ying is willing to try anything to get Alys to be a Death Eater and get rid of her emotions as well.

favorite classes: Dark Arts and Defense Against The Dark Arts. (She reasons that knowing both would help her in a battle)

Least favorite classes: Astronomy and Arithmancy. (No spells, just books? It's boring!)

Favorite position in Quidditch: She's usually Beater.

Favorite animal: Snakes.


Hair: brown and wavy-messy most of the time

Eyes: Dark brown

Favorite color: black

Favorite outfits: anything gothic with corsets and snake jewelry, since ever!

Traits: funny, sarcastic, loving, stubborn, cunning, and unkosher!

Her friends include Addison Lionheart, Isobella Lestrange, Anna Linghigher, Liliana Sawyer, and Archer Dragonsbane!

Nicknames include: Alys, Ally oop, Alakazam, Alabama, AL, Bama, April, Avril, Glowstick, Girl, Mary Magdeline, and Ally Cat

///ooc: Yesh I know Anna Linghigher IRL we are close friends Very Happy///
Alys Serpentia
Alys Serpentia
Rank: Seventh Year
Seventh Year
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