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All about Sydney Ruddle

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Valtor Academy of Magic
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Professor of Dark Arts and Klieger Head
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Sydney went to Hogwarts until her Fourth Year. She was in Slytherin, and then moved to Valtor under mysterious family reasons. She was soon moved to Klieger and has been the Head of Klieger ever since her graduation.

On May 29, 1998, Ariella Ruddle died in that pond. Of course, only Sydney knew that not to be true. Ariella Ruddle had gone to a Muggle hospital to find a dying patient. Then when she had found the proper person, she had that person drink three bottles of polyjuice potion. Unknown to Amedeus and Adora Marie Ruddle, the body that lie in the tomb of young Ariella Ruddle was the one of fifty-three year old Muggle named Joy Melborne. It was true, Ariella Ruddle had died. But Sydney Ruddle was born on the day that Ariella died.

In Sydney's opinion, she had done her parents a great favor. Disownment was worse than death in the pure-blood world. Instead of speaking of their daughter in hatred, they could now say, "She would have made us proud. She was a very great daughter. It was sad that she had to die at such a young age."

Sydney Ruddle
Sydney Ruddle
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