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All about Bennett Varela

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Once was, once could be, a number of things, but more commonly known as the boy who forgot.
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[23:21:11] Bennett Varela : because Aqua's tots got it goin on
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"Pray I could replace her
Forget the way her tears taste
Oh, the way her tears taste

Put another X on the calendar
Summer's on its deathbed
There is simply nothing worse
Than knowing how it ends
And I meant everything I said that night
I will come back to life
But only for you
Only for you

The world may call it a second chance
But when I came back it was more the relapse
Anticipation's on the other line
And obsession called while you were out
Yeah, it called while you were out
Asleep in the hive
I guess all the buzzing got to me
Well, I'm still alive"

Panic! At The Disco - The Calender

Profile - Bennett Varela Tumblr_lwmixo9RKT1qjndrko1_500

Full name: Bennett Lucas Varela

Blood: Pureblood

Birthday: April 6


Favorite food: Swag for every meal yo yo

Favorite color: Orange. Or, yeah, blue.

Typical dress:

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-Laurianna Varela: His mother, never mean but never loving. She had hopes for her sons, only one of which actually ever listened and was willing to be what she wished. Bennett was always rather too energetic and excited as a young boy for her to keep trying with him.
-Aaron Varela: His father, who was more of a personal assistant to his wife than a partner. He was scared of her but in love with her, and in return, she thought it cute. He was always a bit stuttery and foolish, so Laurianna couldn't have been the more perfect woman to keep him in line. Bennett and him were simply neutral towards each other.
-Logan Varela: His younger brother by two-three years. They were never close, but never fought, like brothers would. Logan was killed by his girlfriend at the age of 15.
-Rosie Varela: The daughter of him and Ayana, she takes right after him in personality. They're extremely close, Rosie's practically a textbook example of a daddy's girl. They both went through the loss of Ayana together. Rosie most likely felt the most lost of anyone in result of his Azkaban imprisonment in her third year.
-Shane Varela: The brother Rosie always wanted, Bennett gave in to adopting a son. His adoption day was coincidentally the same day Aqua Hills was 'killed,' and the boy himself was a reminder Aqua had always wanted a son. Shane is both incredibly thankful for Bennett and admires him.
-Ayana Crescente/Varela: "Wife." Sort of. Not really. It's a long story, which is why it's in posts. Growing up in school, Ayana liked Bennett, though the bright, constantly laughing type didn't seem very her. She was rude, stood up for what she was taught to stand up for, and hated Aqua due to both being taught to do so and also because she was viciously jealous of her. She was smart enough to think there'd be an arranged marriage for them anyway, but wanting it to feel real, she obliviated him and made him believe they were married. From that view, Bennett believed he loved her, up until the Kliens killed her.
-Jason Klien: Could I still say best friend? No? Okay. They grew up together, seeing as their friends-who-were-girls were best friends. Oddly contrasting yet similar personalities, it's kinda weird they were such good friends.
-Addison Klien: Whether he literally does or doesn't know it, she's always going to be there. Their relationship is a bit hard to explain. Strangers? No, definitely not. Acquaintances? More than that. Friends? Seems kinda off. Oh, well.
-Alexander Klien: God son Cool
-Aqua Hills: "To describe Quaa? Well: Love of his life." -Addison. Their story is too long for me to summarize. Losing knowledge of who she is over and over makes the original love out of reach, but even if his memory were stolen away from him and he were moved to a corner of the universe... They would still be each other's moon, sun, and stars.

Profile - Bennett Varela Tumblr_n0w8t4OnHG1rcso6uo1_250Profile - Bennett Varela Tumblr_n0w8t4OnHG1rcso6uo4_250Profile - Bennett Varela Tumblr_n0w8t4OnHG1rcso6uo3_250
Profile - Bennett Varela Tumblr_lrjnqvydNS1r3ovdbo1_500Profile - Bennett Varela 319Profile - Bennett Varela Tumblr_mks92qjRaB1s93xseo1_500Profile - Bennett Varela Aladdin
Bennett Varela
Bennett Varela
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