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All about Catrina Sauron

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What a display of man I've never seen.
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Name: Catrina Ambrosine Avery (but likes to be called Cat)

House: Klieger Alumni

Style: Well how do I explain Catrina's style... Well lets put it like this anyone off the streets would think she dresses a bit rockerish/goth. She loves wearing clothing with studs and chains on them. Catrina also loves muggle band shirts and always needs a little lace somewhere in her outfit. She also wears a ring that was once her mothers.. everyday.

Hair Color: It's always changing due to her mood, I mean she is a metamorphmagus..! It happens!

Favorite Food: Impossible question to answer

Year: Graduated

Age: 30

Relationship: Married to Daren Sauron

Family(and some other stuff): Catrina's parents died when she was only 3. Aurors killed Perenna and Jacob Avery 2 years after the battle of Hogwarts. The aurors were still on the hunt for death eaters and just happened to find Catrina's parents. They were sent to azkaban and escaped. But, aurors found them again, and they were killed. She never liked her father he was nothing but a coward(at least that's what she says but deep down she loves him)and a disgrace to the Averys. Her mother was different... Catrina loved her mother with all her heart. She soon is going to change there placing at halfway through the table to farther down the left.

Catrina was born in America. Her parents both attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Catrina's father grew up in England and her mother grew up in France (you know before she left to go to Hogwarts). Catrina's parents wanted to live in America, so they did. They had Catrina, then the aurors found them. They were taken away to Azkanban but, escaped. One day, while Catrina was at a friends house, aurors found them again and Perenna and James Avery were killed.

A little about Perenna Avery: She was obviously Catrina's mom. She grew up in France. Her great great great great( I don't know how many greats Cx) grandparents were a part of the 1832 June Rebellion. On the day of Perenna's birthday her Hogwarts letter arrived. She attended the school until her 7th year. She was sorted into Slytherin, where she met James Avery. Of course at the time her name was not Perenna Avery, but Perenna Barret.

A little about Jacob Avery: He was Catrina's father. He grew up in England. Attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Was sorted into Slytherin and met Perenna Barret. His father had gone to Hogwarts to and was a part of the Slug Club.

Catrina became a death eater before she graduated from Valtor. She has two children, Adrian and Darcy Sauron.

Catrina Sauron
Catrina Sauron
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