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All about Lizzie-Beth S. Shearing

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Killaloe, Ireland
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painting, drawing, reading.... DANCING, SINGING, GYMNASTICS!!!!
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Two nuns are in a carraige driving along. Suddenly a vampire jumps out infront of them. One nun says to the other, 'Quick! Show him your cross!' The other nun leans out the window and yells 'Get out of the way, you toothy git!!'
Background History :
Lizzie was born outside the town of Invercargill in the South Island of New Zealand. She loves New Zealand with all her heart and thinks it is the best place in the world.
When Lizzie was six she moved to Clare in Ireland with her family.
Lizzie had/has lots of friends in New Zealand and Ireland that (used to) love her weirdness.
When she got her letter from Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry she was naturally thrilled. She enjoyed Hogwarts very much but found that it wasn't enough for her. She then found a school of magic in the USA called ValtorAcademy. She instantly knew that she was meant to attend that school.
So she packed up all her stuff and moved (again!) to the USA.
Most of Lizzie's friends thought it was so cool to have magical powers. Some did not however.
Lizzie's neighbour, (for obvious reasons cannot be named, so let's just call him... Harry ((Styles!!)) ) was her best friend and she loves him very much. They had been friends for over five years, having met when Harry joined her school. Harry was so nice to her and she wasn't always that nice to him but they remained close friends.
Lizzie thought it was so sudden (even though it wasn't) that Harry stopped speaking to her as often as he used to, after an argument they had had. (It's pretty obvious what happened! LOL) After Lizzie moved to America, Harry and her stopped speaking totally. Lizzie still sent him owls every month but her never replyed. (He knew about the whole magic thing and it didn't bother him.)

Harry wanted to be more than friends but Lizzie didn't really want a boyfriend so she refused him. She thought they could still be friends but apparrently it was not to be...

Harry still had feelings for Lizzie. He was confused, and sad when Lizzie moved, but his feelings had never wavered. Harry had always been a little strange and wasn't liked by everybody, that's one of the reasons why he felt so comfortable around Lizzie. She understood him and never laughed at him. He was just angry at her for rufusing him and for leaving him.

When Harry realised his 'weirdness' was because he was a wizard, he felt more confused than ever. His first choice of schools was Valtor of course, because it meant he could be with Lizzie.

Upon arriving at Valtor, he was sorted into Lumieres. When Lizzie saw him, she punched him, knocking him unconcious and giving him a black eye. She regretted punching him instantly of course, but she still felt he deserved it because he ignored her, especially for so long.

Lizzie and Harry have been together for years now and their love has never wavered. Lizzie could see herself marrying Harry in a few years. Harry can see the same thing.

Hair: Brown with natural blonde and red highlights.
Height: 5ft7in
Body Shape: Hourglass

She's very clever and witty. When she was in Hogwarts she used to be in Ravenclaw. Lizzie is now in her first year at ValtorAcademy and she is in the Lumiéres house. Whenever Lizzie is feeling down she writes her feelings down on the wall beside her bed in the form of pictures.

Lizzie-Beth S. Shearing
Lizzie-Beth S. Shearing
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