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All about Ben Malerby

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Valtor Academy of Magic
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Mr. Worldwide
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Why did the chicken cross the road?
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(In Ben's words:)

Okay, my background's rather (how should I say this? Blurry? Scattered?) Anyways, it's complicated.

I didn't always know my mum and dad were wizards, I found out when I was seven. Being of Pure-blood status, we lived in the quiet part of Italy, and I didn't know any wizards outside of my family. I'm an only child, I was blamed for a lot of Muggle crimes (FALSLEY accused!) that I didn't commit.
Though we lived practically alone in a mansion, there were many more shady dealings in my neighborhood; and it seemed I was the one who always got blamed, since I was the practically friendless nobody with the rarely seen parents.

I did meet one friend, who seemed way out of league and seemed the type who would never stoop to my level, a Muggle named Nathan. We became best friends, but only when my parents weren't around (which was almost always) would he be able to see me. My parents though very low of Muggles, Mudbloods, Half-Breeds, and anything else lower than a Pure-blood for that matter, and they tried to make me see the same way.
My parents have always wanted to move to someplace with more Pure-bloods, but I've always been rather persuasive, for that matter.

When I showed signs of magical talent, my parents wanted me to attend Durmstrang. I thought it was the worst idea of the century. I had grown up away from other Pure-Bloods, and the idea of meeting many of them now did not seem pleasant; it would be my life all over again, as the rarely seen underdog.
My parents eventually gave in, as I was very unenthusiastic about the idea, and since it was so far away, and looked for another school. I looked on my own, in secret. I found a few schools that I desperately wanted to go to because they seemed like great places that I would be somebody, with something to prove.
My parents chose an American school, which I wasn't to wild about at first, but when I read more about it, (which my parents had neglected to do, as they "didn't have the time", I found it might not be so bad after all.

When it came time for me to leave for Valtor Academy of Magic, I vowed that I would keep my blood-status a secret known only to me and my family, as I believed it was unnecessary to reveal it, and since I was so different from other Pure-bloods, after all.

In a Herbology class, Autumn, Liam, Katherine and I all were attacked by Werewolves. All of us (excluding Liam) were bitten, and are now Werewolves ourselves.

Other Information:

Heritage: I'm part British-English, Italian and German (Plus maybe a little Asian).

Eye-color: Dark brown

Hair: Black

Dating: Autumn Malerby <3


Jason Klien: GAYSON!!! Lol, you're awesome Razz....

Liam Ross: EMOOOOO :O

Autumn Malerby: <3 <3 <3

Katherine Stare: ...She's kinda creepy. And her hair is Habena Orange, that exact shade.

Ben Malerby
Ben Malerby
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