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All about Finn Bonnigan

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Juggling and Acting.
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Q: Whats green and has wheels? A: Grass, I lied about the wheels.
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I was born in America, an only child. when I was about 7 we moved Germany (something about my Dad's job[my Mom's a witch, which I didn't know than, my Dad's a muggle]). We lived there for 9 years. Then it all went down hill.

My Dad wasn't being paid a lot to begin with, so of course his higher-ups decided to give a pay decrease. Well, now he was hardly making enough for us to scrape by with, and this meant I had to get a job. I looked all over for a job, but I couldn't find one. And when I finally did they wouldn't hire me. Well I hadn't done much for my family up to this point, and I decided I needed to make a difference.

So I went out late at night while my parents were asleep, I sneaked through the backstreets of Germany, looking for... Well, I wasn't sure, but I needed something-- Anything, that'd help my family! So, while I was standing in front of a local grocery store contemplating whether or not to rob it (yes I know that's bad, but I didn't know what else to do), two thugs walked out of an alleyway, right up to it and broke the window like they do it every day and climbed through the empty frame.

They didn't see me! Should I follow or stay here? This might be the only way to help my family... But what if I get caught? What would my Mom and Dad think? I finally decided to follow them, but very carefully.

I walked across the street, stepped through the window and looked around, It was very dark. I didn't see anyone, however, I did hear noise coming from the back of the store, I went to get a closer look... NEENARNEENARR!!! Sirens! The Two thugs, that up to this point were hidden from me came thundering past, I was in shock, no clue what to do. All of a sudden they realized they were not alone and turned around. I was utterly and completely terrified. they came at me and I flinched waiting for the kill, but they didn't hurt me, instead the words "Distract the coppers! Got it?" came from the bigger of two gorillas. "Uh... Oh... Oh... kkkay." I managed to stammer out of my chattering mouth. so they pushed me outside and told me to stay there while they bolted. The smart thing, for me to have done, of course, would to be that after they ran of, for me to rocket out of there as fast as I could! So, I stood there like they told me to.

And when the cops came screaming around the corner,I yelled and pointed in the opposite direction of which they ran. They drove off. I started walking home stunned at what had just occurred. A pair of giant hands grabbed me, one on my shoulder, one on my mouth so that I couldn't yell, and then they turned me around. It was the two goons they looked at me for a while and then they started laughing. I was scared just thinking about what they were going to do to me.

To make a really long story short: They told me about how they were testing me to see if I could stand up to the cops. And how they were part of the German Mafia and that I would have to join because I saw their faces. I joined to support mt family, but I wouldn't be able to see my family at all. I rose through the ranks and became a very powerful influence in Germany, I made good money as well. I would send my family money under the name of "Anonymous" every month, but I never saw them. I was in the mafia for 8 months. Then I realized that I couldn't go on like this, constantly on the run from the law. I escaped! But I have always seen things differantly since the Mafia. I ran back home to my family. Or what was left of it. When I got back to my house, my Mom hugged the living daylights out of me. I asked where my Dad was, then she got really serious. I asked again where my Dad was. I asked again, she croaked out that he had died of a heart attack. We cried all night long in each other's arms. Then in the morning she told me about me being a wizard, up til this point I didn't know, I didn't believe her at first, would you? But than she showed me some little magic, then I started to believe her, she told all about everything. And now, I'm here.
Finn Bonnigan
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