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All about Evanthe Burke

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Lestrange Manor
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Doodling, Reading
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Evanthe is the younger sister of Robainas Burke, a student of Valtor.

Thought to be a squib, she was to be burned off of the family tree. Robainas made a swift move to save his sister by putting her in the care of a fifteen-year-old Isobella Lestrange.

Evanthe lived in the house for six months before finding out that she was in fact a witch. She previously attended private Muggle school under the watch of Isobella Lestrange.

First Name: Evanthe
Last Name: Burke
Heritage: British-English


Eyes: Brown
Hair: Light caramel brown curls
General Appearance: Petite. Short for her age.
Style of Dress: Sun dresses. She mainly wears pastel colors.

General Character Traits

Strengths: Strong-willed for what she's gone through, kind-hearted, good-tempered, fierce, good-natured.
Weaknesses: Lack of confidence in herself
Personality: She's very easy going and great to get along with. She does put up a good fight though when needed.
Evanthe Burke
Rank: Adult
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