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All about Chloe Archer

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Valtor and places on earth :3
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Drinking, playing with her rats.
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[12:39:38] * Millie Relly doesn't like pizza oops [12:40:06] @ May Van Acci : Shunnnnnn the nonbeliever
Background History :
Chloe Archer never got good guidance, her mother was an alcoholic and her father was to busy with work to do anything with his family. Chloe just did what she wanted to, hence the hair, snakebites, and drinking.

At five her mother got into a car crash and died, leaving her father, who was a workaholic, and little sweet five-year-old Chloe. They moved from Vermont to Wisconsin for Chloe to get into a boarding school near Chicago.

At age 7 she was expelled from the boarding school for underage drinking and ignoring the curfew for several times until they had to evacuate her from the premises. She then was by herself quite a lot and realized that she had magic. Her father, John, was so desperate to get Chloe in a school that he sent her to Valtor Academy of Magic. She just told him it was a boarding school for juvenile youth.

Hair: rainbow, but she dyes it a lot.
Eyes: dark gray.
Height: 4' "11
Weight: 96.5 lbs

Chloe is trying to make up for her childhood and is being as nice as possible to everyone she meets. Sometimes she gets to hyper and exited but that's a side effect of her Anti-Depression pills.

Other things.

Pet(s): Two rats, Ribbon and Marshmallow.
Favorite color: All the colors in the rainbow.
Wand hand: Left
Single: Yes.
Chloe Archer
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First Year
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