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All about Drew Lyons

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Valtor Academy of Magic
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Quidditch, Dueling, the Dark Arts
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Drew Lyons is an interesting character.
He is a half-blood, though enjoys the Dark Arts.
He came to Valtor because there was no where else to go.
His cousins went there, Adam Turow and Liam Ross.

//OOC: Yes, I do know both of them in real life.//

Drew always pulled through the challenges he had, as both his parents were Death Eaters, making him a pure-blood.

He could be many things.

Drew was skilled at dueling as well. He had had experience in it and the Dark Arts because there were other wizarding boys his age that weren't in school as well, which made him a skilled and quick to strike opponent.

Liam was a Klieger. Adam was a Pocombatie.

Drew inherited some of both of their interests and personalities.

Which, to sum it up, makes it hard to place him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Build: Athletic

Eyes: Both blue, one half-brown

Personality: Can be sarcastic, and snide, a fighter. Loyal, and brave.

Love-life...? Single

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A few years ago his older 17 year old brother Jake was killed in a fight between the Death Eaters and the others of various schools, Valtor being the main one.

Jake had fought on Valtor's side, and was a grade A Pocombatie, but hadn't attended there.

He was killed revolting against the Death Eaters, supposedly by one of their parents, and all Drew could do was watch.

"You have to steel your nerves. Or else the places where you are vulnerable will burn bright far after you're dead."

So Drew did. He let the rage and grief inside quell in the dark, letting it float away into the dark, disappearing, but it would never be gone.

It would fight to emerge again, for the human heart and soul cannot and could not live, and for that matter, love, without, vengeance and hate.

But in temporary peace, a different side of Drew could emerge, the friendly, calm, insistent one.

Now, as war approaches, no one knows who to trust, and if anyone at all.

But with war, there comes death.

Who knows what will happen this time?


Drew Lyons
Rank: First Year
First Year
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