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Welcome to the new Valtor year! Class or plotĀ ideas? Send them to Peticross.

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All about Tessa Rossfield

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Valtor Academy Of Magic
Job/hobbies :
Horse riding,painting ,drawing,singing,writing,reading
Humor :
get to Know me and I'll laugh WITH you
Background History :
Tessa's family: Mom-Jaimie Rossfield, Dad-David Rossfield, brothers-Jason,Jared & John, Cousin-Maria Rossfield

Tessa's Favorites:
ice cream-coffee
color-lime green
best friend from home-Sammy Valdez
brother-Jason (by far)
activity-roller skating

Tessa's background:
Before she came to Valtor, Tessa had a somewhat decant life. She lived in a NYC apartment with her family and cousin Maria.

Tessa's trip to Valtor Academy:

She sat by her boyfriend, Sammy after school waiting for the bus when Sammy looked at her alarmingly and said that they should probobly just walk home, and to hurry.
When they got to Tessa's house he scribbled down a note and left it on the mantle then grabbed Jason and Maria and motioned for her to follow. Once outside he told them that their parents were all wizards and witches and that they were coming with him to a school for kids like themselves, a school called Valtor Academy of Magic.
They traveled together for months through forests, underground, and through rivers and mountains.
Tessa Rossfield

Rank: First Year
First Year
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