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All about Rhiannon Linden

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The story of Rhiannon Linden is a long, and quite confusing one. Though, I suppose, it may be worth telling. The Linden family was graced with their second child on November 21st, of 1969. She came into the world just as she left it, with ease. Born of her mother, Asteria, Rhiannon was a pureblood. She never thought much of her blood status, though, she didn't know of it for the longest time. The skeptical, questioning little girl was stolen by a rival family. They were known by the name of Vandora, and so was she. Ashlee Vandora, they named her. She was much too young to understand what was happening at the time, let alone remember the ordeal. The Vandora family raised her as their own, not giving a second thought to the Lindens, who so desperately searched for their daughter, high and low. Though, she spent many of her years at Valtor, hoping that she would one day find out the reason for feeling so empty. The Vandora name never did seem to fit her, even before she discovered it wasn't hers. So many years she spent wanting to get away from the family that had raised, fed, and housed her. All along she felt she wasn't truly their child, nor were they her family. Rhiannon's years spent at Valtor were primarily under the name of Ashlee, which she dreaded more and more when people spoke it. Eventually, around the age of fifteen, Rhiannon woke up in a strange, but welcoming place. Somewhere she had never been, but felt she knew. She was home, though she didn't realize it at first. Her mother, Asteria, as well as her father, Casimir and brother, Wes, had worked hard to track her down. It paid off for them when they finally managed to get her back. Rhiannon's memory of her early childhood slowly began to come back to her as the months spent reuniting and bonding with her true family began to break away at the shell she seemed to be hiding in. Soon, she came to love them, and know them. Through her brother, she met his best friend, Casper, who she came to marry. Casper Shade was a gentle young man, quite timid around her father, as he always was. Though, Casimir was quite stocky in his better years, he had grown soft in his age. After she married Casper, Rhiannon began to grow a fondness not only for her life as a married woman, but for herself as well, which was something she had never experienced before. It was, in all of the most extraordinary ways, a different kind of love. A love for oneself, which was deep and strong. It was something she had been waiting to have for the longest time, but had never felt she deserved.

Soon after their marriage, Casper and Rhiannon began having children. They had four to be exact, three girls and one boy. In order of birth, they were Teresa, Seth, Salem, and Chamois. They adored their children, as did Rhiannon's parents. Each child was different, and thus they were treated so. With Teresa, who was sullen and independent. Seth, who was kind and saw the potential in all who he encountered. Salem, who had everything going for her but nothing figured out. Finally, there was Chamois, who was eager to please, yet cautious and mindful.

Roughly twelve years had passed, until Rhiannon's brother, the bachelor, had grown quite eager to start a life of his own. He met a woman, and fell for her. Within the year, he had asked for her hand in marriage, to which she declined multiple times, until he finally stopped asking. She did, however, grant him a single day to be with her, which resulted in a bit more than either of them had hoped for. A child. Wes hadn't spoken to or seen his child's mother until the night of the birth, where she finally announced to him of her pregnancy, and bestowed the child upon him. He accepted his son, even without any experience in raising children, and so the mother left his life to begin hers. Wes, shocked and confused, came to his sister and asked for her help. She and Casper were more than happy to take Wes, and his newborn child, into their home. Their children were already off to Valtor, and they had the room and time to spare to help Wes raise his son. They named him Jude, for the name seemed right for the boy. He was inquisitive, and proper, and just what Wes needed. Responsibility. Taking care of Jude got Wes off of the sofa, and onto his feet, though he may have needed a push. In time, he became a good father, and an even better friend to his son, as did Rhiannon and Casper. Though, eventually, the inevitable knock of death came knocking on the Linden's door, and Rhiannon's father fell ill. Several months later, he died during the night. The funeral was held on a gloomy day in early September, where every woman wore a black dress, and every man wore a blank expression. A year or so after Casimir's death, Asteria also died, but in a different way. She died during the spring, sitting on her porch swing in her wedding gown, and staring at her garden. A decade alter, with Jude now fully grown, as well as Rhiannon's children starting families of their own, Rhiannon felt it was her time. She had tried to end her life many times before, but it was never meant for her to die that way. Like her father and mother before her, her death was calm and quite. She died doing what she loved most, laying beside her husband. When morning came, Casper found his love stiff and expressionless, and he knew that she was gone. Her death was not brave, or exciting. Death is, and will always be, a passing moment. A loss of breath, and an empty mind. Her death was not a storybook one, where the heroine encounters her last battle. No, her death was simple, and quiet, as was her life. She quite enjoyed it that way, you see. Just as she did the night before her passing, spent laying in silence with the man she loved.

That is the story of Rhiannon Josephine Linden, a girl who endured, experienced, and eventually, as we all do, expired.

I hope you enjoyed it, as I have. It may not be the most interesting, or exciting, but it was a life well spent, and a life which was not regretted by any means. It was a life worth living.

It was hers.
Rhiannon Linden
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