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All about Juliet Crescente

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Plot twist: the club can handle me
Background History :
Full Name: Juliet Carlen Crescente

Mother: Cora Crescente
Father: Andrew Crescente
Older Sister: Ayana Crescente

Background History: From the moment the girl could walk, she was playful, yet a little too argumentative for her own good. However, the arguments never covered up the fact she was not turning up to be the brightest wizard. She was six, with a plan to be sent to Durmstrang, because her mother had learned that the particular school was far more worthy of one of her kids than Valtor, a shame for Ayana. And at that age, she still hadn't shown a spark of magic. And yes, her mother was holding up patience, but just barely. This was Cora. High expectations to live up to.
And so she became a 'squib' to everyone else, and Cora asked for her cousin to raise her instead, because she didn't have kids anyway and Cora wanted to give more time to Ayana. It seemed at that moment with trade of closest families, Juliet definitely changed, probably for the worst, and her old arguments came back to her in the long run. She was never sent to school, and yet she did indeed have magic powers and the wand of her mother's cousin's husbands. She disappeared at a young age, and wasn't seen again for years.
Until she heard about her sisters death.

Hair: Dark, dyed that way. Naturally a blonde.
Eyes: Dark brown.
Skin: Fairly Light
Height: 5'4"
Juliet Crescente
Rank: Adult
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