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All about Saiph Lestrange

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Aurèlie's Townhouse
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Heiress to the Death Eater Empire
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Q: How many Death Eaters does it take to stir a cauldron? A: Just one — he puts his wand in the cauldron and the earth revolves around him.
Background History :
Blood: Saiph Estella Lestrange is the adopted daughter of Capella Isobella Lestrange, the current ruler of the Death Eater empire. Saiph, in blood, is actually, Capella's second cousin once removed, but she and her twin brother, Rigel, have been with Capella since their birth, so they regard her as their mother.

Born: 9 September

Nicknames: Sapphire, Estel, Stella, Ella, Safe, Sife

Personality: Saiph is a bit of a priss at first glance, being the spoiled daughter of Capella Lestrange and all that empire entitles her to. But, in a better look, she feels more like a trapped bird. She's had hundreds of nannies, nursemaids, governesses, and the likes. She typically tries to find a way to run them off in order to get her mother's attention.
Saiph is extremely talkative. She loves the arts and languages, learning those best and first. She's the type of character that's worth the time to get to know better.


Capella: Saiph nearly clings to her mother's every word, regarding it was the best opinion. She is a bit of a sass to her mother when they get into a fight. But, she is definitely a loyal daughter and fitting piece in the family.

Rigel: Saiph sometimes finds herself manipulating Rigel to do what she wants. She finds him as silly at times, always reading or trying to do something 'courageous' in his own little ways. However, when the going gets tough, Rigel's always there to look after his sister.

Collin Cardew: Saiph adores Collin. She is very excited that he's in the family's lives and finds that maybe she'll truly have a real dad. Saiph was the first official "Pancakes Shipper" in the family and was thrilled when Collin and her mother married.

Guards: Saiph detests them in her own little ways, finding it quite annoying to make friends when they're always following her.

Saiph and her mother, Capella

About Saiph's Wand:

Wood: Although poplar is a light wood, it is sometimes found in the wands of Dark Wizards, who find its properties of being extremely similar to human bone desirable.

Core: Boomslang venom, whether crystallized or in a rarer liquid core, provides a small boost to jinxes and hexes thanks to its venomous qualities. However, when a wandmaker undertakes the dangerous task of working with the raw venom, it is generally with the aim of creating a powerful Transfiguration wand. Whether or not the advantages outweigh the risks is not generally agreed upon in wandmaking circles.

Saiph Lestrange
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