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All about Violet Thornberry

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Valtor Academy
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Exploring new places
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Violet has straight, long, dark brown hair. She is small for her age; only 4'10 and very thin. Her face his heart-shaped and is rather pointy at the bottom and her eyes are a bright, crystal blue.

When Violet was five, her parents abandoned her, leaving her on the streets. They thought that she wasn't a witch and was worthless when every ounce of her blood was as magical as can be. She was sent to a orphanage where nobody treated her quite right. She didn't fit in with the other kids no matter how much she tried talking to them. She was alone in her room which was at the very end of the building so she was always forgotten to be fed. Every night she would try to walk to the kitchens for food but would almost always get caught and be beaten and sent back to her room. The most she would ever eat was twice a week and it would usually consist of a few spoons of porriage or small pieces of fruit. Violet was determined to run away and she wasn't afraid to get caught, she knew she would succeed. She made a plan to sneak out the window and make her way around the edge of the building. That night when everyone was asleep she quietly got out of bed and made her way towards the window and tried opening it. Tugging in it with her weak arms, she tried with all her might to get the window opened, but it just wouldn't budge. She grabbed a lamp on the floor and right before flinging it at the dirty glass, she spotted a lock on the edge of the window. She walked around the room for some sort of key but it wouldn't turn up; until she tiptoed toward her bed- the last place it could be in. She looked behind her bed and grinned. On a hook was a set of keys! She walked back around the bed and back toward the window. Violet's heart beat like a drum as she obseved the keys. Finally, she picked the biggest and shiniest key of what must be solid gold and inserted it into the lock. Violet frowned when she saw that the key would not turn and took it out of the locked and realized which one must be right- it's dust shedded off onto Violet's skin and flew into the air as she grabbed the ancient looking key. She put it inside the lock, and sure enough, the key turned all the way to the end. Violet grinned and took the lock off of the window and winced as it creaked opened while pushed toward the indigo sky, worried that someone could hear. She took a deep breath and steppted out of the window and onto the dangerously narrow edge. Thankful of her tiny, child sized feet, she slowly walked along the concrete path. At the end she jumped. High across the sky she went and she wondered if she was flying! But alas as the flew along the road. Her eyes fluttered open and the image of a hospital room came to view. A nurse was in front of her, telling her all about how she slipped off the platform, and a strange man came to get her and brang her to where she was right now: Valtor Academy of Magic.
Violet Thornberry
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First Year
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