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Welcome to the new Valtor year! Class or plot ideas? Send them to Peticross.

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All about Autumn Malerby

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Valtor Academy!!
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tell my…. mother i…. love h..............arry styles
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Autumn Malerby


Lacey/A baby goat

Physical Traits

Gender: Female
Birthdate: November 11th 1996 (16)

Ethnicity: Western Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand

Height: 4"10

Weight: 91

Body: Small frame, underweight, with average muscle tone. Ectomorphic - People with an ectomorphic body type are naturally thin and lightly build with flat chest and poorly muscled limbs. They can usually eat as much as they want without gaining fat. Extreme ectomorphs are commonly described as "skinny" individuals.. Minimal body hair, with color differs from skin tone somewhat.

Face: Heart - Face is wide at the temples and hairline, narrowing to a small delicate chin. Light brown eyes with no slant. Large irises, average eye spacing, and large-sized eyes. eyebrows, medium-height eyebrows. Average forehead with no features.

Hair: Long, red hair. Naturally Wavy/Straight. No bangs,very thick. Usually curls it and or straightens it, but sometimes keeps it natural

Skin: Light beige, sensitive skin. Scar, Freckles

Nose: A nose that is straight from the keystone area of the nose between the eyes instead of from the forehead. A medium bridge, rounded tip, and medium base. Underside of nose is flat.

Lips: Bottom and top lips are equal in proportion and fullness. Top lip is a Cupid's bow shape.

Teeth: Small teeth. Dental probems: None

Hands: Medium hands with medium-length, thin-width fingers that have tapered tips. Rounded palms with many well-defined lines. Medium fingernails. Hand and fingernail condition: Manicured nails, Bent or twisted fingers

Palmistry - Types of Hands - Palmistry Basics - Fingernails - Diagonistic Tool

Health Issues:

Smell: Vanilla

Voice: High pitch. Modal quality - Normal voice (Technical: Normal voice)

Distinctive Voice or Speech Traits: Barks and howls when it is a full moon xD

Vocabulary: Average but unique

Distinctive Features: Fingers bend in an abnormal way, has a freckle on her palm, Scar on her shoulder from a werewolf bite.

Stance: Relaxed

Walk: Likes to walk on her tip-toes for some odd reason, likes so slide around on the floor

Common Gestures: Sometimes plays with hair, only sometimes.

Facial Expressions: Smiling, raising eyebrows

Clothes and Shoes: Has sort of a girly style.

Cosmetics: Uses common make up products, deodorant, and sometimes perfume.


Birthplace: Earth

Current Home: Earth

Sexual Orientation: On the Kinsey Sexuality Rating Scale, 0 - Exclusively heterosexual with no homosexual

Number of Siblings: 1, 1 of whom are still living, and of which the character is One of a multiple birth.

Relationships within Family: Doesn't really know them.

Character's History: Grew up in a small town, lived a normal life. Went to Valtor Academy, and got bitten by a werewolf, causing her to turn into one.

Family's Economic Class (while the character was growing up): Upper-middle class

Character's Education: Non-traditional education

Character's Occupation: Art

Character's Economic Class: Upper-middle class

Number of Children: 4
Jaxon Phillip, Summer Hadley, Damian Aaron, Lacey Ariana. All unborn.

Personal Life: Relationship: Living with a partner

Boyfriend: Ben Hewitt

Special Talent: Quidditch and Art

Hobbies: Qudditch, Dueling, Art, Music, Writing, and having fun.

Friends: Aqua Hills, Addison LionHeart, Katherine Stare, Liliana Sawyer, Hydrea Kyanos, Joey Morgan, Jason Klien, Cecelia Ammerith, Allana Kiearna, Chase Hewitt, Shah Hazel, Revela Taylor, Rhiannon Linden, Gracie VanArden, Arielle Paquette, Alys Serpentia, Archer Dragonsbane, Cat Avery, MANY more Smile

Reputation: Friends with everyone (EXCEPT FOR BENNETT)

Food: Fruit Roll Ups

Color: All of 'em

Outfit: Http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=80336822

Passtime: Running around the common room

Literary Genre: Fantasy, Romance or Humor

Items: Wand, Bracelet, and Crayons

Animal: Raccoons

Music: Pop

Plant: Venus Flytrap

Annoyances: Bennett Varela, Vampires, Adult-ish people, compleatley anti-social people, flies, certain words

Group Affiliation: Lumieres

Motto: Being fearless isn't being 100% unafraid, it's being absolutely terrified and still jumping anyways.
Myers Briggs Personality Type: E

MBTI Types (Terse)
Leadership: Inner Circle - The most loyal supporters of the leader who work to keep the leader in power, yes-men.
Group Role:
Coaches try to create harmony in the world around them, by building rapport with people, creating a positive team atmosphere, looking after people's welfare, motivating people and/or providing a service to the satisfaction of others. They value people's contributions, seek to develop the role that others play, and invest a lot of effort in building positive relationships. They try to overcome differences of opinion and find ways in which the team can agree.
This role most closely corresponds with ESFJ, ENFJ Myers Briggs personality types.

Team Management Profile

Cooperation in a group setting: Enthusiastic and Helpful
Style of Thinking:
"Synthesists are apt to appear challenging, skeptical, or satirically amused, even when you can see no cause for any of that". Synthesists like to speculate and enjoy being the "devils advocate". "Synthesists are 'different'". They tend to enjoy conflict and argument simply for the sake of argument.
Harrison and Bramson refer to the "Dialectic" when talking about synthesists. This is the creativity that results from conflict. The "Thesis" refers to that which is already known and accepted. The "Antithesis" is that which is new and not readily accepted. The dialectic is what happens when thesis meets antithesis. A synthesist can juggle both arguments mentally and recognize the validity of each and form new ideas from the conflict.

The first common strategy of the synthesist is that of "Open Argument and Confrontation". They realize that this fire fuels creativity. They will openly confront antagonists and appear aggressive or abrasive. Their thinking says that this conflict will blow up eventually. Why not do it now and get it over with.

Their second common strategy is "Asking Dumb-Smart Questions". This means that they will, quite often, ask a question to which they already know the answer in order to get the respondent to open up. What better way to get someone to agree with your argument then to get the other person to think it was their argument and that they are convincing you.

Synthesists like to be observers of conflict. They can learn more by starting a debate and then observing how other people handle it then by participating themselves. They will "throw out" the challenging questions that they know will ruffle some feathers just to get a reaction.

The ability to look at opposing viewpoints and not pass judgement upon them is indicative of a synthesist. "Suspending Opposing Ideas" is the mark of a mature intelligence. This seems to go hand in hand with the idea of being observers. Understanding that people see situations from their own perspective and that all perspectives have their own viewpoints and that as much can be learned from looking at a situation from another viewpoint as can be learned from looking at it through your own eyes.

Synthesists like to speculate. They are the champion of the "What if?" questions. They recognize the fact that these types of questions fuel creativity and cause you to look in different directions for answers. "Brainstorming" sessions are an attempt to formalize this type of strategy. Make the non-synthesist see the value in this way of thinking. Hand in hand with this type of speculation is the proposing of "Far Out" solutions. They may speculate in areas where a non synthesist has a hard time seeing the connection and can have a lot of fun with their speculation.

Even when a synthesist makes a recommendation you may be surprised to hear them challenge their own ideas. They don't care where the conflict comes from and if they have to raise it themselves they will. They are masters at "Negative Analysis". Playing the devils advocate will give you a far clearer picture of what an idea totally entails.

To be a synthesist is to be someone who strives on conflict and uses it to fuel creativity. Their ability to speculate can cause problem when dealing with the mundane processes of everyday existence however. They don't like to be bothered by facts or details and sometimes those very details can be the thing that will bring them down to earth. "Don't look to a synthesist for caution or moderation. They like to do things in a big way or not at all".

Personality Flaws: Severity: Noticeable, somewhat

Mental Health Complaints: Severity: Minor, not disruptive

Fears: Spiders, Being Alone, Growing up, The Dark

Weaknesses and Shortcomings: History of magic, being asked questions, Kliegers, bugs

Hopes and Dreams: To become either a singer or a qudditch player, Marry Ben Hewitt, have a family.

Most and Least Self-Serving Actions:

Goals: Graduate, Go to collage, start a family

Politics: Culturally liberal, Fiscally conservative, Expansionist, Central power,

Secrecy about Personal Information: Steers conversations away from personal topics

Reliability of Memory: Full of blank spots

Sense of Humor:
Openly displayed
Active (makes jokes)

Autumn Malerby
Autumn Malerby
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