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All about Daren Sauron

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Name: Daren Jay Sauron

House: Sterkeiders Alumni

Hair Color: Brown

Favorite Food: Food

Year: Graduated

Relationship Status: Married to Catrina Sauron

Portrayer: Justin Hills

Family: There's not much to know about the family since they're pretty much your normal pure-blood family. His parents are not death eaters though. They don't like the snake, how do you say, burned into your skin, where is stays there..........forever. He has a younger sister, Dalainy, but she attends Hogwarts because the kids she grew up with were going there to. As Daren currently attends Valtor.

A little about Shay Sauron: She grew up in England and went to Hogwarts. Shay was sorted into Ravenclaw. Her parents loved muggles and Shay didn't understand why. When Shay met Derek, Daren's father, her parents didn't approve but she went and married him anyway. At the time she was known as Shay Green.

A little about Derek Jones: He grew up in England as well. Derek attended Hogwarts with Shay but was sorted into Slytherin instead. His parents were death eaters. Derek's parents weren't sure about him and Shay but when they found her beliefs out they aloud it.

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Daren Sauron
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