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All about Zoran Mandelino

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It was a dark night. Zoran was hiding behind his father, Adrian Mandelino. They were attacking the aurors. Zoran didn't like hurting innocent people, but he had joined this quest on his father's constant compelling.
Before, coming to the current camp of the aurors, Adrian Mandelino had clearly explained that if he saw an auror, he should attack with out further ado. Zoran just nodded, but inside he said to himself, I'll just tag along....

Of course, they weren't alone. There were two more death eaters. They were in some other part of the forest.

Suddenly his dad yelled, "Crucio!" Zoran heard a loud wail. Ten feet away from them, Zoran saw--in the dim moonlight--a man crumpling to the floor and shouting random things.
Zoran was about to either pull his dad away or do something to stop the person's pain, when there was a bright green flash and someone else screamed.

To Zoran's shock it was his dad! But his dad's screams weren't continuing. When he looked down, his dad's face was peaceful.
There was no sign of breathing or any movement. Zoran quickly realized what had happened.
Anger was bubbling like hot lava inside him. He looked at the auror who had killed his dad and saw him sneering. That's it! He's gonna pay!
Zoran was about to pull his wand out when someone behind him said, "Avada Kedevra!" He turned around, but it wasn't another auror. It was his dad's friend.
"Zoran, take this." The death eater said in a rough voice and gave him a glove. "Fast!" The death eater urged.
Zoran grabbed the portkey and his father's body. They will regret doing this!

Whatever happened after he reached home, is a sad story....

His mom told him that he had to study magic, learn how to use spells. This thought excited him as he would, finally, be learning how to kill the group of aurors who had killed his father.
He was enrolled in a school called Potteracademy, but after fifth year he got chucked out (The reason: Oh, you do not want to know that!)
So, here he is now! Smile
Zoran Mandelino
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