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Welcome to the new Valtor year! Class or plotĀ ideas? Send them to Peticross.

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All about Hannah Vectis

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I'm Hannah. My Mother died giving birth to my little brother Donovan and my Father was killed in the battle of Hogwarts (Both of my parents attended Hogwarts). Since then, I was raised by an Auror. When I came of age, I was asked if I wanted to attend Hogwarts, I declined. The castle held too many memories of my parents, so here I am. Remus Lupin was my Uncle and my Mother was his sister. My older brother Ryan attends Hogwarts as a proud Slytherin. I don't think he'll do good there. He is very angry over my parents deaths and I fear he will use Dark Magic to "avenge" them. My brother Donovan will start his term at Hogwarts next year. I love my family and despite our flaws, I would protect them with my life.
Hannah Vectis
Hannah Vectis
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