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All about Revela Taylor

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who knows where
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drawing, acting, making jokes
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One does not simply plug the USB right side up every time.
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Not much is known about this bright light, but she is very curious and loves to draw. Her father, Ralph Edward Taylor, is a Death Eater. He is one of Rudolphus and Rastaban Lestrange's right hand men. Revela's mother, Aurora Taylor is very supportive of the Dark Arts, and is also a death eater. She was good friends with Bellatrix Lestrange and a few other woman death eaters before the first wizarding war (the one before Harry) and through the second wizarding war. She also has a younger sister named Emily. Unlike her, she is more of a fighting person, like her father. Revela doesn't exactly like Emily, but she is family. Emily is close to her father, while Revela is close to her mother. The Taylor family is distantly related to the Black family.

On her thirteenth birthday, Revela was given the Dark Mark, making her a death eater. She likes it, but it doesn't mean she isn't going to be herself.

Her family lives outside of London in a small wizarding town. She just goes to school in America. She makes regular visits home during the holidays and summer months. The Taylor have a rather large house, or a mansion, you might say. Revela also has a house elf. Her name is Ellie. Revela doesn't like the concept of how her family treats house elves, so she is extra nice to hers. She lets the elf paint with her at home, lets her sleep in a bed, and other stuff that would make others surprised. Instead of a servant, Ellie is a friend.

Revela was the first person in her family to go to Valtor. Her sister follows her. Her family had all previously gone to Hogwarts. They had all been in Slytherin. Yes, the Taylors were a pureblood slytherin family. Her parents had both been in Slytherin, and her sister was Slytherin type. Revela however, probably would have been in Hufflepuff. Revela is happy and energetic, and will go with the flow.

Her patronus is a bunny.

Ginger-Red hair, sometimes with small braids.
Pale skin--Almost white
green painted finger nails
rather short for her age, 4"10
Will never wear a uniform-you will see her in a brightly coloured shirt or dress.

Favourite colours: Yellow and Green

Voice: Has a strong British accent

Favourite animal: Butterfly

Aurora Taylor (mother)
Ralph Taylor (father)
Emily Taylor (younger sister)
Petunia: Revela's guinea pig.

Best Friends: Autumn Malerby and Isobella Lestrange/Farrell

One thing to watch out about her: She can get very enthusiastic about everything. She loves to do the old type battle cry and will stop at nothing to save her friends. She will usually find a crafty way to do so.

Personality: Keeps a cool head, tries to be happy in any situation, especially in bad situations. She will also try to be humourous during bad times. She doesn't like to see people sad or scared. She can't fight very well, so she usually pulls pranks off, or finds a crafty way to defend herself, such as throwing eggs at Death Eaters. Not very effective, but still fun. Also, she was famous for releasing a gigantic yellow balloon of bright yellow paint that read, "LUMIERES ROCK!!!", colouring the battlefield a happy color of yellow. She is very supportive of her school house. That's all you need to know about Revela.

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Revela Taylor
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