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Welcome to the new Valtor year! Class or plot ideas? Send them to Peticross.

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    Humor : [21:33:17] Bennett Varela : cat cat cat cat cat cat it's that time of month cat cat cat cat cat cat.... [21:02:44] Isobella Lestrange : I LIKE THE WAY YOU THINK.....[21:04:54] Isobella Lestrange : Iso: I'm getting a divorce. *glares at Collin*......[21:13:10] @ Jaxon Malerby : ill be rapunzelll [16:06:12] Isobella Lestrange : addi was right.... [18:41:07] Rhiannon Linden : ADDI YOU WICKED TEMPTRESS
    Usergroups: Beta Team, Sterkeiders, Sterkeiders Alumni
    Rank: Adult
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    Humor : tell my…. mother i…. love h..............arry styles
    Usergroups: Lumières, Lumieres Alumni
    Rank: Adult
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    Humor : that b*tch tyrant who ensalves poor children on Valtor
    Usergroups: Headmistress/Headmaster
    Rank: Admin
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    Humor : [22:21:32] Millie Relly : you have Jason no offense
    Usergroups: Beta Team, Klieger, Klieger Alumni
    Rank: Adult
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    Humor : Don't start what you can't finish.
    Usergroups: Lumières
    Rank: Seventh Year
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