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Welcome to the new Valtor year! Class or plot ideas? Send them to Peticross.

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All about Shah Chelsea Hazel

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Valtor Academy of Magic!
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Don't start what you can't finish.
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There I was lying on my back, with my sister beside me, enjoying the warm heat of the sun on my face.
Suddenly, I heard a loud yelp from inside the house. Wondering whether a burgular had broken in, Celia and I got up and hurried into the house.
“What’s wrong?” Celia asked looking around the living room to see if any damge had been done.
Mom was sitting on the couch with two letters in her hands and tears in her eyes.
Irene walked to mom and took the letters out of her hands. He smiled and sat down next to mom.
“This is so cool!” She exclaimed, handing me my letter.
Thinking about the sort of things she says when mom was crying, I grabbed the letter. A grin spread across my face as I read what was written in it:

Dear Miss Hazel,
You have been accepted into Valtor Academy. Valtor is glad to have you as a student.
Since you have finished your 4th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I, hereby, grant you permission to continue your 5th year, here at Valtor Academy. We await your owl of reply patiently.

Yours Sincerely,
Headmistress of Valtor Academy
Grace Peticross.

“Awesome, isn't it, Ellie?” Celia asked.
“Yes, but why are you crying, mom?” I asked as I, too, sat down next to her.
“Tears of joy, Ellie. Tears of joy.” She said. I rolled my eyes.


Looks –– Electric blue eyes, golden brown hair, 5.7 feet tall.

Socialism –– I love interacting with everyone, I receive immense joy and triumph at making new friends.

Status –– Single. But I don't think anybody will come for me Sad

Desires –– Journalist. (It's going on....)

Favourite Color –– Blue!!

Favourite Animal –– Pheonix

Favourite Spell –– Blue Bell Flames

Patronus –– Lion

Siblings(cousin sis) –– Celia Athena Hazel

Mom –– Melanie Hazel

Dad –– Jared Hazel

Shah Chelsea Hazel
Rank: Seventh Year
Seventh Year
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