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Welcome to the new Valtor year! Class or plotĀ ideas? Send them to Peticross.

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All about Archer Dragonsbane

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Valtor Academy Of Magic
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Practicing Magic, teasing, joking around, etc.
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Oh, Yes.
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Achernar "Archer" Vane Dragonsbane:

Pure-blood born, Pure-blood raised. Kicked out of hogwarts for mysterious reasons. Definitly on the darker side of magic. Looking for trouble around every corner. Likes to be in control of the situation. Archer is quite the charmer, in his own way of course.

His home life was far from perfect. He grew up with out a mother, and with a drill Sargent for a father. The rules of the Dragonsbanes: Show no weakness, show no fear, show no love, and show no mercy, such things are for muggles, mudbloods, and half-bloods, not for Pure-bloods, and not for Dragonsbanes

Arch has a little sister that he hasn't seen in years, Arabella. But that's a story for another time.

Other names include: Archer, Arch, Archery, Archie, Archibald, Cherry, Ace, St. Louis, Rhett (Butler), Sk8r boi, boy, Captain Crunch, Archie starchie, French Fry, Chero, and pony

ooc: For those who care to know, yes I do know Fae and Iso IRL.
Archer Dragonsbane
Archer Dragonsbane
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Third Year
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