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All about Anna Himmelreich

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Art, Drawing, Writing
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The United Nations initiated a poll with the request, "Please tell us your honest opinion about the lack of food in the rest of the world." The poll was a total failure. The Russians did not understand "Please". The Italians did not know the word "honest". The Chinese did not know what an "opinion" was. The Europeans did not know "lack", while the Africans did not know "food". Finally, the Americans didn't know anything about the "rest of the world".
Background History :
First Name: Anna
Last Name: Himmelreich
Heritage: German
Home Town: Frankfurt, Germany


Eyes: Striking Blue
Hair: Mid-length to long blonde hair. I have bits of brown in it to, which I know my mother hates. Someday I shall dye my hair entirely brown just to show her.
General Appearance: a bit taller than average, smiles a lot Smile
Style of Dress: Anna wears a lot of blue and yellow. She loves to do the opposite of what others do, especially her mother.

General Character Traits

Strengths: Smart, never gives up, fierce
Weaknesses: mix-up with words, German stereotypes, and mixes English with German a lot
Personality: very friendly and loud. She tends to get what she wants often by getting it herself. She looks out for those seen as the "underdogs" and is compassionate to all.

Personal History:

Anna Sophia Himmelreich has loved in Frankfurt, Germany her entire life. She has an older sister named Elisabeth of the age 20 and an older brother named Able who is 19. Her father, Jack, was a strict pureblood who hated the magical lifestyle. He gave up his boyhood life and his wand, running away to the German army at a young age. His parents, strict as well, disowned him because of his love of Muggles. He met Anna's mother, Lisa at a young age and married her within the year that he met her. They both took up Lisa's last name, Himmelreich, so that Jack might not ever be found by his family. The two of them raised Elsabeth and Able successfully. Anna's mother was born in 1957, four years before the Berlin wall began. And Anna's mother had a stern fear of the wall. She was a pureblood witch who lost her parents when she was 4, in 1961 (the year the wall was constructed). She was raised by her half-blood uncle in a happy home. But ever since this, she has NEVER gone to Berlin or to the wall. Anna's father, an Englishman named Jack, died in 2005. This left Lisa's metal brain in shambles. Her magic kind of went bad to the point she can only successfully do little hand magic. She used to be so good in the Dark Arts, but now is convinced it is the devil’s work. Lisa and Anna constantly fight over everything and Anna's home life isn't a good one. The only German magic school is on the other side of the wall, so Anna could not go. She then decided to get away as far as possible from her mother, traveling to Valtor in America to get her education.
Anna Himmelreich
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